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Our History

We spent 20 years operating 75 community swimming pools and managing more than 1,000 lifeguards every summer as principle owners of the largest swimming pool management company in Northern Virginia.  We understand the demands placed on a commercial recreational facility and a community’s property.  As a part of these comprehensive management services, we consulted, provided design layout and sold a variety of furnishings to our customers. 

In 2005, we left our partnership and began our own business, Hadsell Sun & Shade.  Our focus has evolved into providing area swim clubs and recreational facilities nationwide with outdoor and indoor furnishings, large scale shade structures, and park and playground equipment.

Our core services are furnishings, facility and shade design and sales related to those activities.  We make every attempt to introduce new items and alternative furnishing and shade solutions that invite an exciting and improved condition to a facility.  We emphasize that every facility has unique needs, that you don’t just replace what’s broken, you take a step back and look at the big picture.  We consider the dynamics and activities demanded of the facility, then we anchor the facility with a mix of seating, shade and site furnishings, and we do all of this with your budget in mind.

Our Approach

The undercurrent of our approach and focus in today's private swim clubs and communities is as follows:

  • Invest in a quality product that will stand the test of time
  • Keep furnishings in step with the value of the homes and the lifestyles and expectations of it's homeowners/members
  • Try to achieve a resort quality look with a reasonable budget
  • ​Provide a safe and healthy environment that provides an adequate and creative mixed use of shade
  • Ensure that the most important and high profile amenity in the community remains a selling point for the community and accepts its members and guests with comfort
  • Present a visually appealing layout that remains useful all the while.  Form matters, not just function
  • Create an environment that motivates the members to return to the facility

We make extensive use of digital photography and PDF document exchange to provide prompt and visually impressive proposals and reports that can easily be shared among decision makers.  We work directly with HOAs and their communities, Community Management Companies, Property Managers, Private Country Club Managers, Developers and Builders.

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